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Weekend Highlight Race: NYC Pizza Run

Okay yes, we had some members do amazing things this weekend—Len Lopate ran 50 miles and a few BTCers conquered the new Syracuse 70.3. But instead of boring you with the details of real athletic accomplishments, we’ll focus for a moment on Jonathan Blyer, who took 2nd in the NYC Pizza Run in Tompkins Square Park yesterday. With a winning combination of fast legs (averaging 6:00/mile) and a hunger for life, Blyer sped around the 2.25-mile course, stopping for 3 slices of pizza along the way.

After scoping out the "competition," Blyer decides the front row is where he belongs.

Slice #1's got nothing on him (it's all in the sweatband)

Cold dry pizza goes down so smooth

Stealing a technique from his idol Joey Chestnut, Blyer dowses the dough in water to aid digestion

Running off to his podium finish