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Who We Are

Founded right before the triathlon boom in 2004, the Brooklyn Tri Club has become one of the largest clubs in the city, and the only club serving the needs of the Brooklyn community. BTC’s mission is to foster the sport of triathlon in Brooklyn and the greater New York area by providing opportunities to learn and participate in the sport and by promoting healthy and sustainable living that can be realized through involvement in the sport and through training. We welcome members of all backgrounds—from beginners to elites, sprint to Ironman—who are interested in swimming, biking, and running. We support our members with group workouts, social events and educational clinics and workshops.

Brooklyn Tri By the Numbers

  • 200+ active members
  • 63.4% are 31-45 years old
  • 55% have participated in 3 races or less
  • 21% are looking to do their first tri
  • 1/2 men 1/2 women
  • 60% plan to participate in an Olympic or sprint tri this season

Club Board

Scott Bartos, President
Christine Frietchen, Vice President
Danielle Westen, Treasurer
Emily Westheimer, Secretary

Gabe Dorosz, Board Member
Janet Rasche, Board Member
Ben Kessel, Board Member
David Spindler, Board Member
Mat Ward, Board Member

Questions about the club? Read our FAQs or Contact us.